FormatR provides perl-like formats for ruby. These are used to create output with a similar format but with changing values.

Feb 2008

Release 1.10.1 is out. It's as full-featured as the perl version and then some. To install just do a 'gem install formatr'

This release moved to rubyforge from its previous location on sourceforge to ease gem distribution and also upgraded some of the testing framework and file names to conform to the gem model.

The documentation contains a change-log that shows all the new features, changes, and a list of issues and differences from the perl version.

RubyForge Links

FormatR project page. on Ruby Forge

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Ruby Application Archive

Hugh Sasse's Ruby Page. Hugh has been incredibly helpful in the development of FormatR. What a guy! He has a bunch of great content and links.

Ruby Wiki

Ruby Forge

Programming Ruby: A Pragmatic Programmer's Guide. Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt have written a great book on Ruby. If you find yourself going here often please support Dave and Andy by buying a copy. They've done a lot for the ruby cause.

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